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Saturday 23 September 2023

PQRY-P400, 450, 500, 550, 600YSHM-A

Water Cooled Condensing Unit Simultaneous Heating and Cooling with Double Heat Recovery.

The WR2 system has double heat recovery potential, making this system very economical. Not only does it produce heat recovery from indoor units on the same refrigerant circuit, it also produces heat recovery via the water circuit between heat source units.

Like the YHM-A air source versions, the water cooled units now benefit from a modular design approach. A twinning kit is required for double combinations.

Διαθέσιμα Μοντέλα:
HP 8/24
Αριθμός συνδεόμενων εσωτερικών μονάδων. 40/45/50/50/50
  • All the benefits of the r2 series with water cooled condensing units, using a single inverter compressor.
  • 40% height reduction compared to previous ygm-a models.
  • High coPs possible thanks to increased efficiency and careful control of the system, allowing the largest operational water circuit temperature band ever.
  • Unique 2-pipe refrigerant circuit allows simultaneous heating and cooling plus heat recovery between up to 50 indoor units as with the r2 system.
  • Total building heat recovery made possible by exchanging energy in both refrigerant and water circuits.
  • Combining wr2 with waste heat energy provides unique application solutions.
  • Improved pipe run of 165m with a total system pipe length of up to 750m.
  • High sensible cooling Function - by raising the off coil temperature, a 10% increase in sensible cooling capacity over standard operation is achievable, the result being greater comfort for occupants.
  • Able to operate with closed loop ground source water temperatures, bore hole and slinky applications are now possible.
  • Easy maintenance - front panel access to all Pcb’s.
  • Condensing units must be situated indoors.

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